January 28, 2020

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LeanVlog is made by Lean Thinkers for Lean Thinkers.

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My name is Mark and with a group of Lean Thinkers we want:

To create the best Lean Community and Lean Library on the WEB!


our first goal is to select on this website only the


See the video below to know more …


We do not want to sell you anything!

We are looking for people with a passion
about Lean and Continuous Improvement.

We want people like you that want to join the project.


if you want to stay in touch with the other Lean Thinkers
you have many options:

  1. Join the Telegram Channel: t.me/leanvlog
  2. Join the LeanVlog Community starting with 1$/month

Do you want to know a couple of Lean Thinkers that are part of the community?

See the video below …


Here some numbers of what we are creating so far …

  • More than 100 Videos on the Youtube Channel
  • 14.000 Youtube Channel Subscribers
  • More than 400 friends on the Telegram Channel
  • 21 supporter on Patreon
  • > 500 Videos about Lean selected
  • > 300 Happy Customers of the products we created together
  • 8000 Lean Thinkers that have 1 Video a week on Lean!



If you want to be part of one project
made by Lean Thinkers from Lean Thinkers,
do not hesitate and be in touch with us with one of the
multiple channels I told you!

Join us now!

Join the Best Lean Thinkers Community Ever!

Here the LeanVlog Manifesto

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