April 23, 2019

What is Visual Management explained in this video.


What is Visual Management is explained in this video.

We have the visual management regularly in our life, and we should transport in our company to be Lean.

Examples like:

  • Hot water / Cold water
  • Semaphore
  • Fuel indicators

are some of what we react normally with a common behavior.


we should strive to create something similar in the company.

Imagine the shop floor react automatically if there is a shortage of materials, or the internal supplier is not able to deliver on time.

Can you see how powerful could be this kind of visual management?

Below you can find a couple of examples of visual management we took in real life.

What is Visual Management











Visual Tobacco












May I ask you something?

Even if you are not of these “departments” can you understand the direction to follow (picture 1) and where you have to replenish? (Picture 2).

I think definitely YES!


This is the power of visual management!

My “2 Seconds Rule”

Another rule I normally apply to understand if I realized a Visual Management is the

“The 2 Second Rule”

If I cannot grasp the situation in less than 2 seconds this is mean that I was not able to realize an effective Visual Management.

On the other hand …

If you can understand the situation in less than 2 seconds you were able to create and effective Visual Management.

Based on this article I challenge you to find other examples of Visual Management in your daily life. See them, understand them and the implement what you need in your company by following the same concept.

One important note here:

The key to the Visual Management is the people and the training. Once you have thought the visual management system you want to implement then you have to teach people on what is visual management and why is important to use it.


you have 2 main points to develop:

  1. A good visual system
  2. People Development


What is Visual Management is explained in this article.

Our life is full of Visual Management and the challenge is to bring these concepts in your company.



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