What is TPM explained in this whiteboard


What is TPM is explained in this whiteboard video.

The preventive maintenance is so important, but anytime you ask for a machine the shop-floor say NO!

This video should give you some hint of understanding why TPM is fundamental in Lean Manufacturing.

See the video now.

  • Great material to explain Your teams what is all about OEE, preventieve maintenant and the operator awateness!

  • Why Lean fails and how to make it succeed.

    It was around 1982, when I received a phone call from Jack Katzen, Senior VP at Avco, a two billion dollar corporation. He wanted me to teach him about quality, which was becoming a real buzzword in the early 1980s. At the time, I was running Productivity Inc. – Press. I would then visit Jack initially one day a month, then much more days a month and we would talk about quality.

    Avco owned about 10 separate corporations. We would fly on their corporate jet to each of the companies and meet with their president and senior staff. .Jack said the following: “Don wants you to write a quality improvement plan for your company and submit it back to us in one month.”  He didn’t say,  “I want you to write a quality plan.”  No, he took the power of the president and said, “Don wants it.” 

    We repeated this at all 10 corporations. All of the presidents did exactly what was asked. After receiving the ten quality plans. Jack reproduced them into ten notebooks and returned a complete set to each president, so that each president would have a copy of all of the plans from all the corporations. Then he said “Don would like you to review all of the plans, learn from each other and resend your plan for the coming year.”  They all complied.

    A few years later, Jack became assistant Secretary of Defense and invited me down to the Pentagon, in Washington, DC to meet with him. He took me into a room filled with his generals and admirals. (When I was in the army many years earlier, I never saw a general.) He introduced me to the crowd and said I want you to meet the man that saved my company $400 million.  It was a great introduction. It was a great moment for me.

    The president has the power to get things done, but rarely do people take the power of the president. Without this power things are not done exactly the way you would like it to be done.

    People often complain that the president does not lead the event, like implementing Lean. But, I recommend instead of complaining about the president, you take the power.  You tell the president wants Lean to be done and then tell the president later what you did.  I am sure it will be positive for the company and for you. 

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