What is the 8D Methodology

8D means the 8 disciplines. The 8D is a structured problem-solving methodology. My opinion is that they combine very well the DMAIC process and the engagement of people with the last step of the celebration.

▶ 8D Steps

It’s designed to prevent the problem from happening again in the future.

The 8D methodology consists of eight steps:

1. Form a team: Gather a group of individuals with diverse perspectives and skills to work on the problem.

2. Describe the problem: Clearly define and describe the problem in a concise and objective manner.

3. Develop interim containment actions: Implement immediate actions to control and prevent further harm to the customer or organization.

4. Establish root cause: Analyze the problem to determine its root cause using tools such as the 5 Whys, Ishikawa diagrams, and fault tree analysis.

5. Develop and verify permanent corrective actions: Based on the root cause analysis, develop and implement solutions that will permanently solve the problem.

6. Implement and verify corrective actions: Implement the solutions and verify that they have effectively solved the problem.

7. Prevent recurrence: Take steps to prevent the problem from recurring in the future, such as updating processes, procedures, and training materials.

8. Recognize team and customer: Acknowledge the efforts of the team and the customer and close the problem resolution process.