What is Problem Solving. How to set a Rapid Problem Solving in 8 points.

What is Problem Solving explained by Tips and Rules to implement.

The best way to learn about problem solving is to practice.


in collaboration with Fabrizio Cireddu (Lean Manufacturing and Kaizen) we created this Video with 8 Tips and Rules to start with the problem solving.

Here the text of the video.

Tips & Rules: How to Implement a Rapid Problem Solving Constitution in 8 steps:

1) 3 No Defects: don’t accept, don’t produce, don’t delivery

2) Andon system: operator must raise the hand in case of deviation from standards and must to be allowed to stop the line/process

3) Fix Escalation’s rules from lowest level of the organization until top management

4) Fix 1 team leader for each group of operators

5) Have tracking system for escalation and open “Corrective Action Request” for repetitive issues

6) Hour by hour chart: Leader will review result to take action in case of gaps

7) Ensure containment and feedback flow

8) Daily KPI meeting: review global result with team and Fix 3 priorities to address gaps