What is Problem Solving – 8 Steps of Toyota.

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Here the transcript of the video:

Toyota’s 8 Step Problem Solving Approach.

When do you need a Problem Solving tool?

How to go about doing it?

What are the steps to follow?

What tools can be useful during this process?


What to look out for?

What tips and advice should you take care of?

This is what this video is all about …

So lets’ START!


When do you need to use a good Problem Solving approach?

When you have a problem?!

It’s not just that?!

It’s when your current actual measures are not achieving your targets.

And this is evident and will sure pop-up during your regular performance meetings.

One more thing.

Make sure you are measuring the right KPIs.

# HOW?

How to go about solving a problem?

Well here’s Toyota’s 8 Steps for Problem Solving:

Toyota’s 8 Step Problem Solving Approach:

· Step 1: Clarify the Problem.
Why am I looking at this Problem?

· Step 2: Breakdown of the Problem.
What is the size of the Problem?

· Step 3: Set the Target.
What outcome do I want?

· Step 4: Analyze the Root Cause.
Identify root causes, Use Fishbone diagrams, Use 5 Why analysis.

· Step 5: Develop Countermeasures.
Identify an effective countermeasure that directly addresses the root cause.

· Step 6: Implement Countermeasure
Select the most appropriate countermeasures and start implementation.

· Step 7: Monitor Results and Process.
Monitor progress, learn from mistakes, keep doing iterations, never give up.

· Step 8: Standardize and Share Success.
Documents the new process and set it as a new standard. Celebrate success!

# Conclusion

Make sure you practice enough and then coach others on this technique.