[KPI is dead] – What is OKR? (1:59)

I like this Video on OKR (Objectives and Key Results) because it explains:

  1. Alignment of people on inspiring objectives
  2. How big companies are using the OKR
  3. The quarter can be a good rhythm of progression

What is OKR?

So you’re starting to use okr and you’re thinking another business acronym
how would this actually help me in my company?

OKR has enabled companies like Google and Intel to become industry leaders while helping them become great places for people to work.

So what are OKR exactly?

OKR is a goal-setting method that uses objectives and key results.

It’s the objective is where you want to go.

The key result is how you plan to get there.

OKR is usually set each quarter for every level of an organization leadership sets the company and then teams and individuals are empowered to determine how they can have the biggest impact.

So let’s say your company has lofty goals to reinvent your industry in the okay our framework you start by setting clear company objectives you then follow with the series of key results.

These are the Milestones on the road.
Success if you hit these Milestones that lofty goal will be within reach.

OKR are transparent and everyone in the organization can see each other’s goals from the CEO down to the intern. This enables your entire company to align their work toward the same overall goals.

The unexpected key results are measurable with tangible Milestones you can clarify. Why how you’ll accomplish your goals?

And at the end of the quarter know exactly how much progress we’ve made when okay ours are used effectively.

The results are extraordinary and companies become more focused transparent and aligned.
Employees have more power to make a meaningful difference for their company and their careers to learn more.