What is OEE – Overall Equipment Effectiveness (2:18)

In this video is explained what is OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness).

This video is produced by a group of Lean Thinkers.

OEE is an abbreviation for Overall Equipment Effectiveness. It is a metric that is used to measure the productivity of manufacturing equipment.

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What is Oee?

Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) is a performance metric that considers
the availability, performance, and quality of manufacturing equipment.

OEE is expressed as a percentage and is used to identify areas for improvement in a manufacturing process.

How is Oee Used to Measure Productivity?

OEE is used to measure productivity by calculating the amount of time a machine is productive
versus the amount of time, it is not productive.

This calculation is done by taking the total amount of time a machine
is running and dividing it by the total amount of time the machine is available.

This calculation gives you the percentage of time a machine is productive.

What are the Benefits of Improving Oee?

There are many benefits of improving OEE.

Some of these benefits include increased productivity, improved quality, reduced waste, and increased profits.

In order to achieve these benefits, it is important to identify and correct the factors that are impacting OEE.

Once the factors have been identified, steps can be taken to improve OEE.

How can Companies Improve Oee?

There are a few ways that companies can improve their OEE.

One way is to have a better understanding of the overall process and how each individual step contributes to the overall output.

Another way is to make sure that all machines are properly calibrated and are running at their full potential.

Finally, companies should also track and analyze data to find areas where improvements can be made.


Oee is a metric that can be used to measure the productivity of manufacturing equipment.

By improving oee, companies can save money and increase their profits.

There are many ways to improve oee, and each company will have its own unique set of challenges.