What is Kanban System explained in 4 Simple Points

What is Kanban System?

In this video, you will understand what is Kanban System in 4 simple points.

Everybody wants the materials always ready and the inventory under control.

But very few of them can achieve this goal.

Do you know why?

They do not use the Kanban System.

What is Kanban System

Here is briefly explained what is Kanban System and 4 fundamentals points.

# 1 – Kanban is a tool to solve problems.

Kanban System is a tool to realize the Just in Time. You will have what you need; when you need, and in exact quantity you need.

Remember what Ohno used to say: “Starts from need”

# 2 – Kanban can be very cheap.

Kanban System is cheap to implement by cards, visual management or electronic signal. You have to be creative!

Resist the temptation of spending money immediately on electronic. Look at the following point.

# 3 – People is the Key.

Kanban System is based mainly on training and people. If you do not train and involve people; you will fail.

The most beautiful system you can imagine is people driven. So, invest firstly on people and then on tools.

# 4 – Kanban is not a static tool.

Kanban System is not static and has to be maintained periodically.

Some comment from the WEB:

#Comment 1

Recently I read a book (by ex-Toyota worker) that explains the details of the Kanban system at Toyota.

He explains how to settle the discrepancy (because the Kanban attached to the parts, and sometimes lost at the supplier or at Toyota) and how to improve the system.

At this point, I have never read such a book.

I really think the Kanban system is not so difficult, but not so easy.



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