December 7, 2019

What is 5S Methodology.

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Here a short video that explains why the 5S is a Methodology.

This video was made by 9 Lean Experts!

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What does the S in 5s stand for

The S in the 5S Methodology starts from the Japanese Words:

  1. Seiri
  2. Seiton
  3. Seiso
  4. Seiketsu
  5. Shitsuke

These words are translated in English (by having the same meaning) are:

  1. Sort
  2. Set in Order
  3. Shine
  4. Standardize
  5. Sustain

What is 5S methodology?

The 5S methodology is probably the most famous tool in Lean.

It is easy to implement and gives an immediate impact on quality and productivity.

5S methodology gives a visual impact on people that the Lean Journey is started.

Has to be clear that 5S methodology is not only clean up.

The real goal of 5S is:

– 7 Wastes Reduction
– Reduce Variation
– Improve quality
– Improve productivity

It is a methodology because you have to instill a new mindset.

From a messy workplace to a very well organized workplace.

Further, there is a path to follow …

#1 Sort
Keep only what you need

#2 Set in order
Everything with a place … a place for everything.

#3 Shine
Clean is better … Clean to inspect

#4 Standardize
Who does what … clearly.

#5 Sustain
Check to avoid to slip back to chaos

Strive to go to the 5th S, or you will waste time.

The real benefits of the 5S methodology are when you reach the final “S.”

Do not hesitate and start now with a 5S in a little portion of the company!

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