Value Stream Mapping – Multimedia Guide

In this guide, you will find videos and relevant resources to know everything about Value Stream Mapping.

Both basics and advanced concepts are explained.

Let us start with basics: VSM is the acronyms of Value Stream Map.

Let me start with a video that will help you to understand

a very important point …

Why VSM – Value Stream Mapping?


now you know that it is not a tool to use because your boss tells you!

The value stream map is the project of your next business.

A Value Stream Mapping Tutorial

I have prepared a VSM video tutorial that covers the main points of value stream mapping.

Here there are the links:

  1. How to do Value Stream Mapping – Intro
  2. The Customer Demand
  3. The Process Box
  4. The Material Flow

I am completing this video tutorial on VSM and if you want to support me go on

# VSM Video Course

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Process Mapping Symbols

The video I love the most on the process mapping symbols is here:


you have to know that the book that is recognized to be the standard

for process map symbols is Learning To See.

Process Mapping Tools

Firstly, the tools for value stream mapping are:

  • Pencils
  • Markers
  • Post-it
  • Engaged People
  • A wall to stick the map

Once you have done the VSM AS-IS you have to draw the VSM TO BE

by highlighting the improvements you decide and prioritize with the team.


you can decide if putting the map on an electronic format.

If you decide to transform your value stream map example in an electronic format

you have 3 choices:

  1. Powerpoint, Word or Excel
  2. Microsoft Visio
  3. Other specialized VSM software
    (My favorite with discount only for LeanVlog Community Members)


The best way to understand how to draw a VSM is doing it!

Before starting is important to know the theory and why.

In this guide, I gave you all the resources I collected so far on VSM.

If you want to go into further details here there are some articles I love:

  1. Basics of Value Stream Mapping (with some value stream maps examples)
  2. When to do Value Stream Mapping
  3. Overview of Value Stream Map Symbols


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