Visual Management: Analog or Digital?

Visual management: A or D?

This is a question that I had always in mind …

In an article written by Jun Nakamuro, I have found

the support of the answer I am used to give…

The best is the Hybrid Approach

Thanks Jun!


The purpose of Visual Management.

Each method has advantages and disadvantages.

Jun remember us that:

The goal is always to create the strongest sense of urgency


Automate the information flow to populate the self management system with the right information to achieve results.


This seems linked to the Ohno’s pillar “Start from need”.

The need here is to have the right information at the right time.


It is better Analog or Digital?

You and the team to choose … choose what works!

Another point I like about this article is:

The right visual management helps to develop leaders

To me is pure gold!

If the system is easy and the technology simplifies the management of work,

people can participate more and more … growing.

More …

Here there are links to go deeper:

Video 1 – What is Visual Management

Video 2 – Visual Management by M. Ballè

Video 3 – Fast Thinking vs Slow Thinking

Original Post on by Jun Nakamuro.

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