Value Stream Mapping Software

Value Stream Mapping Software – Yes or No?

I will reveal my thoughts in this video.

The Value Stream Mapping Software can be used only after the VSM done with the team as I explained in the previous videos.

Can you do a “walk the process” with the software at your desk? I think no. Can you involve 5-7 persons around a map, discussing different options on a 15 inches screen? Again no.

Value Stream Mapping tools are papers and pencils.

When it is useful to use the software?

Well, after a VSM session a software can be used for:

A) To create a synthetic format to show in some meeting or at the daily morning meeting.

B) A clearer picture to analyze with a smaller team the future state opportunities.

C) With the right VSM software, you can do Lead Time and Inventory Calculations with multiple scenarios.

D) Multisite VSM summary.

What is the best value stream map software to use?

If you need just a VSM summary you can go for PowerPoint or Visio.

If you need a very easy calculation you can go for SmartDraw.

These are my choices for basics application.

The killer application for VSM and Lean Journey.

The software I cited above is the basics to get started. When you will be ready you can move to more advanced software that will help you to have a more efficient Kaizen Office.

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Finally, if you want to know more about Value Stream Mapping you can download the first part of my collection of the best videos on Value Stream Mapping below.