Value Stream Mapping – 7 Tips to be successful

Here 7 Tips to have a great VSM, saving time and be successful. We did a lot of value stream mapping and we distilled for you the best tips. Watch now.

In this video, we will reveal some tips for
a successful Value Stream Mapping.

Ready .. Go!

Tip 1)
Use sheets, pens, and pencils.
PC is banned! VSM is on the shop floor.

Tip 2)
Select the team. Not alone.
From 7 to 10 people maximum.
Here the figures you need for sure:
Lean Expert
Value Stream Manager
External guest for “silly” questions.

Tip 3)
Have a war room to discuss and refine the map.

Tip 4)
Mapping is not for decoration is for action!

Tip 5)
Clarify the aim of the mapping before starting.

Tip 6)
Do it in a representative day. No peak or leave.

Tip 7)
Draw the “To Be” state!

What is next?

In this video are explained the Value Stream Mapping Symbols

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