Value and Waste – The Yamada Method

The video “The Yamada Method – Advanced Concepts of Lean Wastes” discusses an approach to lean waste elimination developed by Mr. Hitoshi Yamada, a pupil of Taiichi Ono.

Unlike traditional methods like the 7 wastes of operations and the 5 MQS system, Yamada identifies three primary categories of waste: stagnation, transportation, and motion.

  • Stagnation: Includes idle machinery/workers, accumulation of materials, and defects. It emphasizes looking for accumulation to identify wastes.
  • Transportation: Defined as the unnecessary movement of materials that don’t add value.
  • Motion: Involves any non-value-adding movements, even minor ones like shifting parts on a workbench.

Yamada’s method aims to simplify waste recognition by focusing on broader categories, facilitating easier identification and elimination of waste, which leads to a more productive and enjoyable workplace.