TIMWOOD: The best way to remember the 7 wastes

One day I was in training and the teacher presented me TIMWOOD!

Starting from that day I was able to remember the seven wastes (or Muda).

Here my longest article on 7 Wastes and TIMWOOD.

Sometimes you can find TIMWOODS.

In this case, the added “S” stands for “Skills”.

This is referred to the fact that you have Skills in your company that are not very well used.

Hence this is an additional waste to classic TIMWOOD LEAN (7 Wastes) and brings to the definition of the 8 wastes.

Another acronym that is used to remember the 8 Wastes is DOWNTIME.

    • I agree with you Tony, but from my experience if you know them it is easier to see them.

      Moreover, if you are a young Lean Thinker TIM WOOD could be a tip to have always in your mind the 7 wastes!

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