The Lean Books I Love


In this post, I am going to list the book I love (…and I have read)
on Lean Manufacturing.

They say that you cannot learn Lean Production and Lean Thinking
by reading books … you have to practice.

Lean Books.


on the other hand, I strongly believe that by reading books
you can:

  1. Avoid very stupid mistakes
  2. Save time
  3. Be more effective.

It is like you have a friend you can ask for a suggestion
prior to starting a project.

Do you do it normally?

I think YES!


Why do not you do it for Lean?


if you want really talk with other Lean Addicted and having friends
you can ask for a proven solution, tips, tools etc.

You could try to join our community that is growing and learning
around a great video project. Join the LeanVlog Vip Community.


now it is time to tell you the Lean Book I have read that changed my mind.



How to Draw a Value Stream Map?

The answer is in the Book: Learning to see.

Worldwide this is the Lean Book that is the reference for the methodology and the symbols to use.
Do not waste time to buy other books … this is the book for the Value Stream Mapping.


Where did the Toyota Production System start?

The original words by the founder.

Everybody knows that Ohno was the founder of the Toyota Production System.

In this book, he personally tells the story.


An organized review of the Toyota Production System.

Here Mr. Liker gives a structured analysis of the TPS.

He makes the difference between the Toyota Production System and the Toyota Way.

Really worth to buy!


A Lean Vocabulary.

Here you will learn what the cool Japanese Terms mean.


The new era of Lean.

Lean Thinking is evolving and you have to be updated!

In this book, E. Ries explains how to merge Lean Thinking and new technologies.

The Lean Startup.

Real Lean Examples.

Do you want to speak with a friend that tells you what he saw?

This is the book where Mr. Womack tells brief stories that will help you to open your mind with Lean Real Examples.

Bonus Here!

Lean Six Sigma

This is the book I love the most for Lean Six Sigma.

This book is perfectly balanced between Lean and Six Sigma with concepts and a brief guide to the use of minitab. The best book I have read ever on this topic.

Just share to know.




I will update this collection in the upcoming weeks.

Stay Tuned and any comment to increase the library is more than welcome!