Takt Time, Cycle Time and Lead Time explained.

Takt Time, Cycle Time and Lead Time

In this video, I will explain you the difference between:
Takt Time
Cycle Time
Lead Time

Ready? Go!

Takt is a word that derives from a German word and means rhythm.

the Takt Time is the “beat” of the production to satisfy the customer request.

It is calculated by the following formula:

Takt Time = Available Time / Customer Demand.

The Cycle Time is the time we need to complete one task.

The Lead Time is the time we need to pass the entire “Value Stream”

To remember these times I propose you to remember
“The Cashier Metaphor”.

The Cashier in the Supermarket has to perform his task in 5 minutes to avoid the queue to be longer and longer.

the Takt Time is equal to 5 minutes.

The average time to perform the task is 3 minutes.

the cycle time is equal to 3 minutes.

If I find a queue at the cash of 10 people I have to wait
10 * 3 minutes = 30 minutes

the lead time is equal to 30 minutes.


  • Time is the key for a Lean Company.
  • Knowing the difference between Takt Time, Cycle Time and Lead Time is a must.
  • The cashier metaphor will help you to remember.

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