[Special Japan] – Kaizen everywhere … and the dark side.

This is a long article with some information I have collected

around the Japanese Culture.

I think this could help to understand the relation

between the culture and the KAIZEN.

Here there the video that inspired me to write this article.

# Japan is not like other countries.

There some strange things and other very inspiring like:

  • The visual management of the food
  • Sorting the luggage with colors
  • Child that clean their school

Another video I have found interesting is:

# Lean Sushi!

Here Paul Akers gives a lot of information about Lean

by describing the sushi restaurant.


Paul went to a grocery store and he saw another great example

of Lean Concept application.

# Lean Grocery


Let us move into real companies and see how the Kaizen is applied.

# Kaizen – The secret behind productivity.

Is it interesting so far?


because the Lean in the companies are made to reduce wastes

I would like to suggest you to see this video on domestic Kaizen

to save money.

# Kakebo – The culture of reduce waste of money.


I want you to read this article of the great Prof. Roser that

give us an idea of the “Dark Side of the Japanese Culture“.

I hope you loved this “Special Japan” and please leave a comment below.