August 25, 2019

SIPOC: An Introduction for Beginners

We’re talking about what is SIPOC and how to use a SIPOC diagram.


if you’re involved in process improvement you’ve heard this term but if you haven’t.

Then let me explain what it is.

SIPOC definition

So first of all SIPOC is a tool that summarizes
the inputs and outputs of one or more processes in a table format.

And what it stands for it’s an acronym that stands for:

  • Suppliers
  • Input
  • Process
  • Output
  • Customers

Sometimes some organizations call it COPIS
and it’s the opposite because
they want to emphasize the value of the customers first.

So it’s:

  • Customers
  • Outputs
  • Process
  • Inputs
  • Suppliers

So the term and the tool came about
in the 80s and it was affiliated with a total quality movement.

And today it’s in use as part of Lean Six Sigma
or even BPM which is business process management.

Typical Use

So there are three typical uses depending on the audience.

So the first one is those who are unfamiliar with the process and who need an overview of it.

The second one is those who are familiar with the process
but they just because the process fades or changes they need to be reintroduced.

And then the third one is those who are familiar with the process
but they’re involved in redefining or defining a new process.


Let’s talk about a few of the components.

So the Suppliers and Customers may be:

  • Internal to the organization
  • External to the organization


Input and Outputs may be:

  • Materials
  • Services
  • Information

And then the focus is on capturing this set of
inputs and outputs rather than giving details about the process.

SIPOC example is the video above.

So as you can see this is just a simple example
that you can take back and begin creating your own SIPOC Chart.

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