[Root Cause Analysis] – A Starting Point Lesson

Root Cause Analysis – Start here!

  • Dear Leanvlog Contributor and Lean 6 Sigma Practitioner,

    How are you doing. I am new to lean 6 sigma and currently learning and adapting the mentality of Lean 6 Sigma in my daily workflow processes. You can say that aheading towards the path of white belt lean 6 sigma practitioner.

    I am from Pakistan and as you know that Pakistan is not graded amoung the top industrialised countries, Here the industries are not groomed up to that extant as they are in top industrialized countries. However in see and this in the routine manufacturing industry life that these all lean and 6 sigma methodologies are one or otherway around are the part of the manufacturing and production and workflow processes. And businessmen are some times not sure that they are practicing the lean and 6 sigma process already. And if some new business graduate join that entrepreneur and discuss about the lean 6 sigma methodologies with its particular jargon that businessmen might got confused.

    I would say that the lean 6 sigma master black belt practitioners around the world should campaign more effectively to promote the lean sig sigma methodologies and to strengthen the knowledge base.

    I would like to offer my services to Leanvlog for this cause and would like to be a partner and contributor for the success of this.

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