Process Mapping

All the resources to learn process mapping in all its versions. Process mapping is the first step toward improvement.

1) Process Mapping Basics

4 Types of Process Mapping
Discover the 4 basic process maps to start mapping and improving.
[Video 4:12]

Guide to Process Mapping
Definition, how-to, and tips. A really well-made guide on all types of process mapping.
Worth reading and keeping.
[Article – Reading Time 7 min]

2) Value Stream Mapping (VSM)

Value Stream Mapping Tutorial
A step-by-step video tutorial consisting of 10 videos on how to create a Value Stream Map (VSM).
[Video Playlist 25:05]

Why Value Stream Mapping
Jim Womack, an expert, and author of the seminal book on value stream mapping explains in a conference why value stream mapping is important.
[Video 4:30]

Where To Start Mapping
By using tools such as the Pareto principle and product families, you can begin to map the right and most relevant products and processes for your organization.
[Video 3:28]

Learning to See
A milestone of process mapping. If you’re looking for a step-by-step manual for your first value stream map, this is the book for you.
[Book – J. Shook, M. Rother, 102 pages, 1998]

3) Transactional Process Mapping

Information Flow Mapping
The ultimate video to understand how to map transactional processes.
[Video 5:36]


SIPOC: An Introduction For Beginners
A whiteboard lesson explaining the basic concepts of the SIPOC map
[Video 5:06]