Problem Solving

The best basic, intermediate, and advanced techniques to systematically and definitively solve the problems in your organization.

1) Problem Solving Basics

What Is Problem Solving
Discover the 8 steps used by Toyota for structured problem-solving.
[Video 3:48]

A Lesson on Problem Solving
An experienced professor provides a detailed description of the principles of problem-solving.
[Video 3:55]


An Overview on DMAIC
This is a long whiteboard lesson that cover the 5 phases of the process:
Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control
[Video 19:54]

3) SWOT Analysis

SWOT Explained Step By Step
A complete guide that explains what is the SWOT analysis and how
to do it step by step.
[Video 3:16]

4) Fishbone Analysis

The Fishbone Diagram Explained
This important diagram is detailed in this video. A realistic example on
a hole diameter defect is given.
[Video 3:39]

5) Gemba Walk

What is Gemba Walk
How to conduct a Gemba Walk and its definition is the core
of this explainer video.
[Video 2:47]

6) Plan Do Check Act (PDCA)

The Deming Cycle Explained
The PDCA Cycle basics and the relation with other improvement cycles are treated.
[Video 3:59]