People Engagement Tools

If you believe in the real implementation of Lean you can’t leave people out.
In this section, you will find the right tools to create engagement with your collaborators.

1) Daily Morning Meeting

How It Works the Morning Meeting
You can see how in Fastcap they have the morning meeting.
[Video 3:57]

5 Steps of Lean Management
The step-by-step process for structured involvement of the people in your team.
[Video 6:15]

2) Obeya Room

Obeya Room: A Real Example
An explanatory theory and practical guide on how to create an obeya room.
[Video 3:47]

The Importance of the Obeya Room
M.Ballè, a lean manufacturing expert, explains the importance of the obeya room.
[Video 6:14]

3) Change Management

What is Change Management
Discover how effective change involves not only people but also 2 other subsystems.
[Video 2:27]

8 Steps for Change Management
Professor Kotter has formulated an 8-step process to initiate and manage change.
[Video 1:16]

Leading Change
Millions worldwide have read and embraced John Kotter’s ideas on change and leadership.
[Book, John P. Kotter, 208 Pages, 2012]