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There is a lot of theory on the Internet and YouTube about OEE but no practical exercises.

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With this PDF you will be able to practise with real exercises,

and afterwards the formulas will have no more secrets.


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With only 20 exercises you will memorise the OEE formulas.

Practical Exercises

After so much theory, you can do real calculations to understand OEE.

Clear Path

By doing all exercises from number 1 to number 20, you will memorise the OEE well.

Increased productivity

By understanding OEE well, you can increase the company's productivity.

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This is a document with practical exercises to do.

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20 OEE
Solved Exercises

My OEE numbers ...

I have produced some videos on the calculation of OEE

in 3 years one of these videos produced 47,000 views and 600+ likes. This means that it is a highly sought-after topic by industries. Don't you think?

Mark Anderson  //  LeanVlog Founder

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I understood a lot about OEE calculation

These example is helpful for anyone to understand the OEE.

From different example have different criteria and can learn the OEE in all side. 

Shaher Shuvo  //  Industrial Engineer

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OEE Calculation

20 OEE
Solved Exercises

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