New Logo, New Mission, New Structure





Dear Lean Thinkers,

It is time to change again…

I decided to change the logo and I hope you like it.

Let me know with an e-mail: [email protected]


I decided to change the mission of the LeanVlog.

Previous mission:

LeanVlog: Learn Faster by Lean Video

New Mission:

LeanVlog: The Lean Thinkers’ Community!


What do I mean with this change of mission?

I would like to create a Vlog made by Lean Thinkers for Lean Thinkers.

A Virtual and modern place where:

  • Exchange information
  • Proven solutions
  • Ideas
  • Suggest proven software
  • Get Discounts by buying as groups
  • Create Lean PDFs, Videos, Materials etc.


A new post structure.


I would like to write posts in a more complete way.

Section 1 – Video

Section 2 – My comments on the video

Section 3 – Some article suggestion on the topic

Section 4 – Some books to go deeper

Section 5 – Extra Materials for the LeanVlog Community Member.

Stay tuned

Do you Like it?

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