How it works the Morning Meeting (3:57)

In this video, you can see how in Fastcap they have the morning meeting.

In my experience, this meeting is a game changer!

At the beginning is very hard to set the habit and you have to be very committed and perseverant.

Start with 30 minutes and then improve your daily meeting being more efficient regarding:

  • List of participants
  • KPIs to be discussed
  • Minutes of each KPI


It is difficult to start with the morning meeting …

I have to be honest with you …

In the beginning, you will have a lot of “haters” but you have to go on!

The more you practice, the more you have the benefits.

There is not really a universal formula.

Try your morning meeting now.

Finally, you can see how to use the meeting in this other video too:

5 Steps to Lean Management