Morning Meeting Activities – 14 Points to Improve your Daily KPI Meeting (1:45)


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Believe or not, the morning meeting activities are the most important of your shop floor.

In this video made in collaboration with Fabrizio Cireddu (founder of the Linkedin Group: Lean Manufacturing & Kaizen), we want to suggest 14 Tips and Roles, to follow in the Morning Meeting.

Here the transcript of this video on Tips for Morning Meeting Activities.



Tips & Roles for Daily KPI Meeting

In collaboration with:
Lean Manufacturing & Kaizen

1) Be on time
2) Min 4 / Max 6 KPI to be discussed
3) Only Participants necessary
4) Stand up meeting
5) No cell phones on or PC usage
6) Max 20 minutes of meeting
7) Standard agenda in place
8) Visual KPI tracking (with trend pass, target, color code = red and green)
9) Data and action visible and understanding from 4 meters of distance
10) Main Gaps are correlated with action plan
11) Meeting start with review of Priorities of the day before…. and finish with New Priority
12) Max 3 priority per Day
13) 1 action = 1 owner and 1 data
14) Teamwork approach