Meals per Hour – Lean applied at NGO

Meals per hour is one of the most inspiring videos to introduce Lean.

Worth to see and use in any new lesson or introduction to Lean Manufacturing.

  • Wow!!! that was very inspiring. Tachii Ohno principles cross over into a diverse area, but the 14 principles and the 8 types of waste still apply. Problem solving is 20% tools and 80% thinking. They incorporated the concept of Hansei and than pursued the concept of perfection and were able to feed more people, nice!!!

  • A lean organization is a working environment where work is more organised to reduce working time and resources in a safe manner. Usually its difficult to achieve this at work because of work procedures.
    Personally i have seen this because i grow up with a parents who wanted to ap portion duties to each family member doing a part different from my other brother or sister. So at work am singled with statements he wants to show off or he thinks he is more intelligent. But its because of my up bringing ,so this is more of a culture and until you find people who can accept the trouble is with you always.

  • Kaizen is a way of life and applicable even to our daily routines. That experience also confirms how important it is to practice Gemba to ID the real areas to ensure Muda is eliminated.

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