LeanVlog 2019 Manifesto

Every day Millions of Managers & Companies
want more productivity!

But …

Disorganization and wastes continuously
kill this goal and make the day a nightmare …

We believe that with the Lean Thinking you
can reduce the 7 wastes and be more productive
with the satisfaction of:

  1. Customers
  2. Workers
  3. Employers

and …

We believe that there are tons of
proven solutions on the shelves that
are only waiting to be implemented.

So …

We decided to create the LeanVlog Community!

A Community of:

  • Lean Consultants
  • Lean Engineers
  • Lean Leaders of Companies
  • University Teachers
  • Students
  • Quality Engineers
  • Plant Managers
  • Operation Managers

People that:

  • Have Challenges and already won a lot of Battles
  • Daily Implement Lean Techniques to reduce waste and have more profits
  • Already failed on some topic and have proven solution to share
  • Believe that the Lean Journey is more successful made with other Lean Thinkers

If you …

  1. Believe that Lean Thinking can help you to reduce waste and make life easier 
  2. The more you share the more you learn! 
  3. Having 1000 Lean Friends in the journey can help you to be successful

Follow Waleed and Albertina that:

  • Use the videos we create together for their training
  • Have Friends to ask for feedback, suggestions and proven solutions
  • Create into the community “Lean Materials” to use for their training
  • Have discounts on software and certifications
  • Have access to the Lean Library to teach and learn

Know them in this video:

Waleed video