Watch How a Lean Thinking Company Runs a Morning Meeting (4:27)

Here there is a real example of how a company leads a daily meeting.

The daily meeting is crucial to see the business metrics and work accordingly.

I suggest to see this video and start accordingly.

The more you try the more you will refine the effectiveness of the meeting.

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  • SAFETY ! – not once was Safety mentioned (unless I missed it) – my experience has been that everyday Safety is promoted through-out the plant (any manufacturing) and that’s how our meetings started & finished. If any of you are familiar with Safe-Start, you know what I’m referring to. Very good method for the meeting I like it !

  • The daily meeting is a great meeting to involving everyone to action of the Plan , Actual, and Variance. I would include an actual meeting to view.

    However, it is confusing why the VP of Operations is running / explaining this daily meeting. The explaining should be done by either the manager or supervisor indicating the daily / weekly actions needed to meet the goals. The VP should be involved in the Executive Summary of the organization. This could be an example of working one role below.

      • Sorry some how clicked the send button by mistake.
        ….other post-it note was about. Additionally how is repeat action for same metric or maybe different metric managed?
        Are the other sites also participate in action board review?

    • Dear Loe, it is strange.

      Just like and see!

      The other way is to look the video on youtube. Search with the same title.

    • Dear Gary, it is strange.

      Just like and see!

      The other way is to look the video on youtube. Search with the same title.

    • Dear Mark,

      I understand it can be perceived as bad but we select the best video on youtube for our audience.

      This is just a way to let this free service to be known on the internet.

      As you can see less than 3% of the videos have this feature.

      I am sure you understand and appreciate our service to select only the best video on LEAN.

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