August 26, 2019

Lean Practitioner – Advices from a Sensei.

Lean Practitioner? Here 7 Pieces of advice from a Lean Sensei.

Transcript of the video

7 Pieces of advice from a Lean Sensei to a Lean Practitioner

#1 – Lean is about people not tool

#2 – Have the buy-in from shopfloor by listening and helping them

#3 – Use sketches, numbers, and diagrams to explain. It is the universal language

#4 – Be patient and persistent. The results will come

#5 – Give a vision

#6 – Say “WE” and avoid “I”

#7 – WHY and TRY are the 3 letters words that will help

Refer to these simple points that will make a great difference in the Lean Journey.

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