What is Lean Manufacturing in this whiteboard video.

What is Lean Manufacturing in this whiteboard video.

Heijunka, JIT and Jidoka are the elements of the Toyota’s house in Lean Manufacturing.

In details:

  • The Leveling (Heijunka) is the foundation of the house
  • The JIT is one of the pillars
  • The Jidoka is the other pillar.


Here the transcript of the video:

What is TPS?

The Toyota Production System is a Framework of concepts and methods to reinforce the healthy of companies.

What is the Goal of TPS?

The Goal is to provide the best quality, the lowest cost and the shortest lead time focusing on the elimination of wastes.

Waste reduction leads to cost reduction with the consensus of everyone involved in the processes.

Who is happy to waste? Nobody!

House of Toyota is founded on Stability.

The 2 pillars are the “Jidoka” ans “Just in Time”.

Stability is reached by:

1) Levelled Production

2) Standard Work

3) Continuous Improvement

Jidoka means Stop at Abnormalities

Just in Time is by pull system and continuous flow.

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