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Here 10 Videos to Learn the Lean Basics

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Boss vs Leader

This is the first video to understand the Lean is based on
"New Way of Leadership" ... not being "Bossy"

14 Principles of Toyota Way

14 Principles you have to know for a successful Lean Implementation.

Meals per Hour

Here my favorite video to explain that "Lean is a way of thinking".

Introduction to Lean Thinking

A great video to understand the Lean Thinking.

The 7 Wastes and TIMWOOD

Waste Reduction is the goal of Lean. TIMWOOD is a trick to remember the 7 wastes forever.

Ferrari and Quick Changeover

Here the SMED concept is real!

Philips and Lean Thinking

They obtained great results by Lean.

ABB & Lean Manufacturing

Great Lead Time reduction at ABB.

Harley Davidson and Lean Journey

They saved their company by Lean Manufacturing.

Learn Lean By Eating Pizza

Very Clear example to undertand.

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