5S Methodology

5S Methodology

10 Lessons Easy

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The 10 videos that will explain the "5S Methodology" in detail. 

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Course Structure

5S Overview by Gemba Academy

Here a 10 minutes overview on the 5S Methodology.

5S Numbers Game

A great game to understand the power of the 5S Methodology.

5S Methodology Tips

Here a brief explenation of the 5S with some professional tip for each "S"

5S in the Office

A time laps of a 5S in your office. You can start now.

5S in Healthcare

A real example of 5S into a warehouse of an hospital.

5S Applied at Home

Here a real example of the 5S Applied to a cabinet @ home.

5S Lesson for Industry

A short video on 5S very tailored on real factory.

5S @ Weber BBQ

People @ WEBER explain real benefits of the 5S Methodology.

11 Tips to 5S your company

A step by step guide to start with 5S in your company.

5S @ Workstations

A real example of 5S applied @ workstastions.