Lean Manufacturing Resources

This section contains all the resources for your lean journey. It includes websites, videos, blogs, templates, and checklists to help save time in your lean journey.

1) Video Collection

Websites where you can find collections of videos to improve
your knowledge of Lean Manufacturing and business
[5 Video Libraries]

2) Websites & Blogs

The collection of the best lean sites and blogs where visitors
can find useful information and stay updated on the evolution of lean thinking.
[1 Website, 3 Blogs]

3) Lean Books

Top books on lean manufacturing. I’ll tell you what’s inside each book,
why it’s worth reading, and the best time to read it during your lean journey.
[5 Books]

4) Templates & Checklists

Templates and checklists for efficient Lean implementation,
ensuring no crucial steps are missed.
[2 Checklists]