October 15, 2019

A Lean Manufacturing Example: VOLVO Successful Manufacturing

Another Lean Manufacturing Example discovered for you.

Come in the Volvo Facilities to see the real application of Lean Manufacturing.

Another example of Lean Manufacturing.

Here on LeanVlog we are committed to letting you understand

by videos and lean manufacturing examples.

Here there are the links to the videos to real companies with
lean production examples:

  1. Lean Logistics Example – Alibaba Warehouse
  2. 5S Lean Example – Weber
  3. Lean Restaurant Example – Japan Restaurant
  4. Lean Example @ Small Shop – Door Shop
  5. Real Lean Example Automotive – Volkswagen
  6. Lean Workplace Example – A Lean Workstation
  7. SMED Example – Formula 1

Bonus Here!

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The power of example.

One of the most powerful tools is to explain by example.

Lead By Example!

There is no other way to really engage people in the Lean Manufacturing Journey!


when you have to start with a 5S or with a SMED,

do not hesitate and start yourself.


If you want to see all the Lean Examples we have collected so far,

just explore our category “Real Example

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