Lean Implementation – How long it takes?

See others what think about Lean Implementation time.
This Lean poll is made in collaboration with Fabrizio Cireddu (Lean Manufacturing & Kaizen)

  • It depends on
    – Organization culture
    – Commitment of Management team and – Expertise & Hard work of Lean Facilitators
    It has to be Top driven and involvement of all employees!

  • From experience, it can take up to two years to stabilize and ingrain the new processes in the culture. Change management in the first year is key. Constant review and support after will help keep the culture moving to stability

  • It all depends on the commitment from ownership and executive management. If there’s a full commitment then a couple of years (training, implementation and auditing). If there’s no commitment then the duration is a moving target driven by priorities (production deadlines, flavor of the month activities, etc…). The determining factor is commitment.

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