Lean Manufacturing – Lean Factory Tour – FastCap

In this video, it is possible to do a virtual tour of a Lean Factory.

Fastcap is a Lean Factory that shows on Youtube a lot of Lean Applications. See now.

  • I really enjoy and amazing top examples like that one… we can see the approach and visualize Lean Manufacturing in practice with exemplary organization and cleanliness in all environments, and the feelings of pride and satisfaction demonstrated by all employees … Also called to my attention the aspect of ergonomics “no chairs” … That means a real WCM (World Class Manufacturing) case … Congratulations to FastCap Cia and especially to this excellent example of its employees acting as a true WCM Team… I believe that QCD (Quality, Cost and Delivery) of this company must have a perfect balance in search of Excellence in competitiveness with high Quality, low Cost and fast Delivery. I appreciated this video, I recommend watching.

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