Lean Blogs and Websites

This is a collection of the best lean sites and blogs where visitors can find useful information and stay updated on the evolution of lean thinking. The links in the collection have been carefully selected for their high quality and ability to provide a useful and enjoyable learning experience.

1) Lean Enterprise Institute

This is the homepage of the institute that formalized the Toyota Production System in the USA. The website is rich in resources for learning Lean in a structured and step-by-step manner.

The Lean Post
The Lean Enterprise Institute blog features some of the world’s most prominent Lean experts who have successfully implemented Lean transformations, such as Art Byrne.

2) All About Lean

Prof. Roser’s blog strikes the right balance between basic concepts and in-depth discussions on Lean tools and thinking. The articles are not too lengthy and provide practical examples and best practices.

3) Gemba Academy Blog

This blog offers short articles that provide tips, pros, and cons of various Lean tools. The articles may be small, but they have a significant impact.