Kanban Agile: Explained in 5 Minutes

Kanban Agile is a work management system designed to help you visualize your work.

Limit work in progress and maximize efficiency which we call “Kanban Flow”

Kanban Meaning and Use

Kanban is a Japanese word for a visual signal.

Oftentimes our work is invisible or intangible.

The Kanban Agile helps you visualize your work so you can:

  • Understand it better
  • Show it to others and keep everyone on the same page

Most teams realize this benefit by building an Agile Kanban Board
filling it with carbon cards and setting up a work in progress limit.

Team Efficiency by Kanban Agile Board

I seem to always find myself in fast-paced environments.

I’ve been on really dysfunctional teams.

I’ve seen Kanban Board bring method to
the madness to change the culture of the organization and
just help me get work done.

Here what I like:

  • Kanban respects current roles and responsibilities exactly the way that they are today.
  • It’s on the team to work together to make Kanban Project Management work for you.

How it works …

Here there is the original video on Personal Kanban explained
from the guy that formalized it!

Personal Kanban is the root of the Kanban Agile Board.

You can do it physically on walls, windows, whiteboards
or with Kanban boards Software like Trello and Jira Kanban.

Their purpose is to categorize all the stages of work
that is work item flows through from something
you haven’t started to something that’s done.

This is called a workflow.

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