What is Just in Time

Here a video that explains what is Just in Time (JIT).

# What is Just in Time? (JIT)

Just in time means a system of manufacturing that makes and delivers what is needed, when is needed and in the quantity needed.

# Why use Just in Time?

Who needs these pieces?
Focus on the customer!

Customers want the highest quality product at the lowest cost and shortest lead time.

You have to reach both customer satisfaction and your internal efficiency.

Just in time aims for the total elimination of the 7 wastes to achieve the best possible quality at the lowest cost and use of resources.

Just in time will help you to have the shortest production and delivery lead times.

# The Three Element of Just in time

Just in Time is based on the Heijunka and is formed of 3 elements:
Takt Time, Continuous Flow and a Pull System.

Element 1 – Takt Time

Takt Time is how often you should produce one part or product to meet customer demand. For example 1 piece every 22 minutes.

Element 2 – Continuous Flow

Continuous Flow means producing and moving one item at a time to meet the Takt Time. This way of production prevents the material to have stagnation between processes.

Element 3 – Pull System

Pull means providing the customer or the downstream process only what is required according to a signal from the customer.

By combining these 3 elements you can easily realize the Just in Time!

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