Inventory Reduction

The right lean tools to reduce inventory without upsetting customers and without losing productivity.
Instant benefits from these lean tools, but sustained results require the step-by-step application of the complete lean methodology, supported by a Lean PDF guide*.

1) Inventory

Understanding the 4 Types of Inventory
Discover the four types of inventory and learn the best practices for managing them.
[Video 2:30]

2) Just in Time

Introduction to Just in Time
Learn about the three elements of Just in Time and their significance in the lean journey.
[Video 1:55]

Just in Time with M. Ballè
Watch M. Ballè provide a concise and insightful explanation of Just in Time.
[Video 6:32]

Just in Time Whiteboard Lesson
Gain a deeper understanding of Just in Time through a visual whiteboard lesson.
[Video 2:55]

3) Kanban

Kanban in Action: Real-life Example
Learn to recognize kanban in action in your daily life.
[Video 2:16]

12 Steps to Kanban Implementation
Follow this step-by-step guide to implement kanban in your organization.
[Video 4:16]

Different Types of Kanban
Discover the two most common types of kanban and their applications.
[Video 1:57]

Kanban and Pull Principle
Understand the relationship between the pull principle and the kanban tool.
[Video 2:37]

Kanban Calculation Formula
Learn how to calculate the optimal number of kanban in your system.
[Video 2:06]

Kanban Example in a Bakery
Gain insights into how kanban is applied in a real bakery.
[Video 3:14]

4) Material Flow

Common Mistakes in Material Flow
Identify common mistakes in material flow and take steps to avoid them.
[Video 10:15]

Material Flow Delivery Route
Learn the fundamental principles of the delivery route in material flow.
[Video 8:00]

5) Waterspider

The Role of Waterspider in Material Handling
Learn about the definition of material handling and the relationship between material handling and waterspider.
[Video 3:19]

Complete Lesson on Waterspider Role
Get a comprehensive understanding of the waterspider role and its significance in lean operations.
[Video 3:18]