How to Increase Productivity

The best tools to increase the real productivity of your facilities, your team, and your organization.

1) Productivity Basics

What Is Productivity
In this video, Lean expert M. Ballè offers his perspective on what productivity is.
[Video 2:54]

Productivity Example From Japan
Real examples of process improvement and productivity directly from Japan.
[Video 4:16]

2) Waste Reduction

The acronym par excellence to remember the 7 wastes forever.
[Video 1:04]

The 7 Wastes
Ron Pereira from Gemba Academy lists the 7 wastes in his Lean glossary.
[Video 2:37]

How to Deal With the 7 Wastes
A more in-depth lesson on the 7 wastes and how they impact value and productivity.
[Video 8:04]

7 Wastes or 24 Wastes?
Professor Roser explains why Taiichi Ohno’s 7 wastes are sufficient to focus on productivity improvement. Other classifications could be seen as a waste of time and memory.
[Article – Reading Time 8 min]

3) Total Productive Maintenance (TPM)

TPM: A Complete Guide
A comprehensive guide that covers the history of TPM (Total Productive Maintenance)
and explains all the fundamental concepts.
[Video 17:50]

The 8 Pillars of TPM
In this article, Professor Roser provides an overview of the 8 pillars of TPM.
There is also an in-depth analysis of each pillar.
[Article – Reading Time 7 min]

4) Cell Design

Work Cell Optimization
A whiteboard lesson explaining why the cellular layout is important and showcasing some implementations.
[Video 9:47]

10 Rules for Cell Optimization
The 10 rules to follow for designing a cell with maximum productivity.
[Video 4:14]