October 15, 2019

How to Gemba Walk – 9 Tips and Rules.

How to Gemba Walk is explained in this video.

9 Tips and Rules to run an effective Gemba Walk.

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Define Gemba

Gemba means actual spot.

In the Lean, the Gemba is the shop floor where the real value is created.
Walk the Gemba is in contrast with the enterprise guided by numbers.

You can find in some books or presentation also written as Genba.

Gemba Walk is the expression that is used when people visit
the shopfloor to see and discover the 7 Wastes.

The book I suggest

The book that tells you the true stories about walking the Gemba is written
by Jhon Shook and is named Gemba Walks.

Here the transcript of the video on How to Gemba Walk.

Tips & Rules to run an effective Gemba Walk …

In collaboration with Fabrizio Cireddu (Lean Manufacturing and Kaizen)

1) Gemba is not an audit; it is a teamwork

2) A manager must be a coach-mentor for his team

3) Focus Gemba Walk on a particular area where you have KPI gaps

4) Define before > target, agenda and preparation checklist with all participants

5) Duration must be min 30 minutes – max 60 minutes

6) One Gemba walk audit * week in each department

7) Start Gemba walk checking the status from previous priorities and finish with new priorities

8) Max 6 priorities ( 3 * department , 2 * support department, 1 * top management)

9) At the end of Gemba Walk, the team must discuss what learning point is.

  • Hello,

    I like the ideas in the video, I am just bothered by the fact it starts saying “1) Gemba is not an audit;” (which I agree) and then say “6) One Gemba walk audit * week in each department” which kind of contradicts itself.
    anyway to update it? I would then be vey happy to use it

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