Ergonomics in the Volkswagen Group

This is a very good example of a Lean Line.

See now.


  • A normal assembly line!
    How does it qualify for “GOOD LEAN LINE”?
    No this is the first time I am saying so.

  • This is not a lean line to those who know what a lean auto line looks like. . . .its a promo video for some auto brands. You can see heavy investment in expensive (and not so agile for future model change) lifting devices that do indeed improve HS&E issues, but this is not what you would see in a Toyota environment (many self-made kaizen solutions and a line designed with the appropriate amount of automation/devices). Watch the video again and look at the motion, walking and twisting (waste and overburden) that the human body is still performing on a repetitive basis – that is not lean, but I’m confident it is so much better than years ago

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