Mark Anderson


My name is Mark Anderson and I am the founder of LeanVlog.

During my 20 years of experience as a Lean Expert and Trainer, I have seen many Lean Journey … some of them failed but some of them brought people and companies to incredible results.

I always liked to teach others and I am happy when they have success.

This is the reason why I started in 2010 with my first website on Lean and by continuous improvement, I decided to found LeanVlog.

Here there is a Video the will explain the core idea about LeanVlog.


Why Video?

You should know the famous sentence: “1 Image worth more than 1000 words“.

I told myself: “How many images worth 1 video?

So, I started collecting the best lean video for myself and then I told myself:
Why other Lean Addicted or Students have to waste time to do the same research I already did?”

Hence, I learned WordPress and I founded LeanVlog.

Moreover, I tested many different video format and I selected the Whiteboard style as the most effective to transfer Lean Knowledge.

Here there are my best videos on my Youtube Channel:

Further, I constantly create playlists and video courses on some topics.

Here there are examples:

Most of this material is absolutely free.

The Lean Community

At the beginning of this journey, I was alone but after a while, other lean experts decided to join this project by helping me with monthly support, honest feedback, ideas, etc.

Hence, I discovered the power of the community.

They give me some dollars/month and I give back Videos, PDFs, Curated Lists of Lean Materials, Lean Tools and anything we decide could be helpful to save time and spread Lean Culture.

In this video, there are two of them!

If you want to join our community:

  1. Join the Telegram Channel –> t.me/leanvlog
  2. Join the LeanVlog Community starting with 1$/month –> www.patreon.com/leanvlog

Some Number

Here some numbers of what we are creating so far …

  • More than 140 Videos on the Youtube Channel
  • 20.000 Youtube Channel Subscribers
  • More than 800 friends on the Telegram Channel
  • 33 supporter on Patreon
  • > 500 Videos about Lean selected
  • > 300 Happy Customers of the products we created together
  • 8000 Lean Thinkers that have 1 Video a week on Lean

If interested you can have 1 email/week by filling the form below.

What is next?

Simply I would like to continue this work of selecting the best videos on Lean and in the next future I would like to create a modern virtual place where Lean Thinkers can meet and help each other.

Below what some of my readers wrote about LeanVlog and I will appreciate if you could leave your comment below on how I could improve the LeanVlog.


Mark Anderson.

Tony H Lean Consultant (internal)

LeanVlog helps me in deepening my understanding of lean. I found very useful the Telegram community.

Federico I. Assoc. Dir. Opex Site Leader

I like the real examples and training material!

Virginia C. Principal Consultant

I follow LeanVlog because they select content to better describe our improvement and sustainment activity.

I use group dialogue on a specific topic.

Marcial P. CI manager

I get valuable CI information and experiences.

I use videos to illustrate the benefits of lean for the whole organization.

José Antonio M. Continuous Improvement Management

By LeanVlog I learn more about Lean and get slides and images to share with my coworkers

Ramiro M. General Manager

I Learn New Lean concepts and Reinforcement of Knowledge.

I love the Newsletters because they keep us updated on new developments, new ways of getting Lean and improving Lean practices.

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