July 17, 2019

7 Wastes and TIM WOOD

7 Wastes are the killers of a Lean Production.

The entire Lean Journey has to be dedicated to removing the 7 wastes.

TIM WOOD is a way to remember them.

Here the transcript of the video on the 7 wastes.

In this video, I will give you a “Hack”
to remember the 7 wastes forever.

Now I introduce you …

He is the king of the wastes.

Waste 1 – Transportation

Waste 2 – Inventory

Waste 3 – Motion

Waste 4 – Waiting

Waste 5 – Overprocessing

Waste 6 – Overproduction

Waste 7 – Defects

If you remember TIM WOOD should be easier
to remember the 7 wastes.

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