6 Steps to Improve Your Emotional Intelligence

A good TEDx talk that will give you the basics of Emotional Intelligence and 6 steps to improve it.

Emotional Intelligence is becoming more and more important in life and the workplace.



The Main Points of the Video on Emotional Intelligence

Here the main chapters I think are important for you.



3 Skills of Emotional Intelligence (3:19)

Emotional vs Emotional Intelligent (4:01)

We Need to Learn a New Skill (7:17)



Step 1 – Acknowledge Emotions (8:38)

Step 2 – Differentiating and Analyze Emotions (10:01)

Step 3 – Accept and Appreciate these emotions (10:35)

Step 4 – Reflecting on Your Emotions (11:28)

Step 5 – Handling your Emotions (11:50)

Step 6 – Handling the Emotions of Others (13:19)


How Can We Teach our Next Generation? (14:11)


Emotional Intelligence Helps Interpersonal Relationship (15:45)