3 Questions on Takt Time. Learn by this quiz.

  • Question 3 is incorrect. A company can easily manipulate takt time by changing the available time to do work.

    Sad you do not understand takt time and publish a quiz.

    • Dear Bill, what they taught me is that you cannot change overnight.

      I mean, if you normally work 2 shifts a day it is not easy to change to 3 shift a day overnight.

      Do you agree?

      In fact, the answer is: It is not so easy.

      Anyway, the third question is “food for thoughts” and not really a black and white answer.

      Do you want to suggest other questions and answers to add?

      • The way we were taught by Saab Engineering was that you should change anything that can be changed simply and overnight to assess the impact on productivity improvements which has impact on takt time.

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